Generating power from turbo-expansion, waste steam & HRSG


Gas Pressure Generation - Using the Total Flow Generator (TFG) to bypass existing pressure reduction valves, the TFG will generate significant power as a turbo-expander. See Turbo-Expander Specs.

Waste Steam and Steam Letdown - The TFG can be used to take advantage of unused steam flows and pressure letdown between high pressure boilers and low pressure steam pipes, for example.  See Steam Output Specs.

Heat Recover Steam Generation (HRSG) - The TFG is the ideal tool for HRSG. The TFG operates using less costly saturated (wet) steam.  When the waste heat source is not sufficient to produce superheated (dry) steam without additional duct firing, the TFG is the solution.

Extended Warranty
- arCHPower offers a comprehensive extended warranty plan that includes routine service, replacement parts, and 24 x 7 monitoring of each system.

Financing Options - arCHPower has several options for system finance that require no upfront costs to the customer.