Generating power from turbo-expansion, waste steam & HRSG


The TFG is the ideal tool for HRSG. The TFG can operate using saturated (wet) steam.   When outlet temperature of the recoverable heat is insufficient to produce superheated (dry) steam without added duct firing,  the TFG is a much more cost effective solution.  Further, the TFG can handle changes in steam flows and pressures, which means that when a heat source is less than full throttle, or during start-ups/shutdowns, the TFG is online and producing power when other turbines are shut down. As a rule of thumb, the TFG will generate approximately an additional 40% of the power delivered by the CHP/Cogen.

In the example below, a gas-fired CHP/Cogen unit is the "Prime Mover" for this HRSG system.  The waste exhaust gases from the Cogen unit are used to create low temperature, saturated steam in the boiler. The steam is used to power the Total Flow Generator.  For a free calculation of your expected power output, go to the HRSG Power Estimator.