Generating power from turbo-expansion, waste steam & HRSG


Clean Power- No fuel is burned, no greenhouse gases produced

Baseload Power - Unlike wind and solar, The Total Flow Generator is a baseload (24/7) device, delivering power around to clock to increase savings.

Refrigeration - When used as a Turbo-expander, the TFG can generate hundreds of tons of refrigeration that can be piped for Process Cooling, HVAC or District Cooling.  When used as a steam generator, it can be paired with nearby Absorption Chillers for HVAC.

Remote Monitoring - System uses SCADA-enabled controls for remote system monitoring and management.

Conforms to ASME, UL, CE standards.
Affordable  - CAPEX costs are less than $2,000 per KW

Low maintenance
- The TFG only requires periodic bearing lubrication. Installed bearings are rated at 100,000 hours. 

Eligible for CHP Incentives - The TFG is a CHP device and thus qualifies for all federal, state and local incentives available.

Lowest cost - Simple payback periods are 3 years or less.